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  • An Exceptional Experience for Expats.

Spain is an outstanding country in terms of quality of life for expatriates and occupies a first-order position in the rankings around the world, particularly in indicators such as “Experience” or “Family”. According to HSBC, in terms of quality of life, Spain ranks 2nd or 10th in indicators such as “Experience” or “Family”, respectively, worldwide for expatriates as their preferred destination in Europe.

It is estimated that there are 470 million Spanish speakers with native proficiency, which places the Spanish language as the second in the world by number of native speakers.

  • Spain has a great quality of life.
  • Interesting cultural offer (second country in the world in terms of World Heritage by UNESCO and second country in Europe in natural areas and natural spaces declared Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO).
  • First-class gastronomy recognized throughout the world.
  • Open and friendly society for foreign investors and tourists.
  • 2nd safest country in the EU.

It is recognized as one of the best places to raise children. Spain is a very pleasant country with a rich history and cultural heritage, unique and internationally famous cuisine and a wonderful natural environment with 8,000 km (4,970 miles) of coastline and beautiful beaches. Add to all this, excellent weather. It ranks third as a tourist destination in terms of revenue and number of visitors.

The Spanish educational system is open to the children of foreign executives and expatriates. There are public and private schools with special arrangements and including the itinerary and subjects in English – bilingual teaching. In Spain, there are 207 international schools. Almost 70% offer their CVs in English (UK and US). The next language is French with almost 12%. The Spanish educational system, including universities, is open to expatriate family members.

The Spanish Health System is also open to expatriates. Spain ranks tenth in terms of the best healthcare system in the world and fourth in terms of having the longest life expectancy (WCY2016).


  • Exceptional geographical location and excellent transport links.

The geographical location makes Mallorca an ideal launching pad for business. Provides access to established markets in Europe and emerging markets in the rest of the world. Mallorca is strategically located in the most dynamic region of Spain.

  • Modern indoor infrastructure network.

Mallorca has a great transport network, facilitating local connections with a modern and safe road system that is being improved all the time. It is used by a large number of public transport companies that link cities with each other and with the capital. Mallorca has a rail service and the city of Palma has a metro line that connects the university with the city center and industrial areas.

  • Ideal place for professional and business meetings.

All the characteristics, the experience, the infrastructure and the environment make Mallorca an ideal place to combine business with pleasure. This has made the island the venue for important national and international meetings.

  • Open and dynamic economy.

Mallorca’s gross domestic product has been growing steadily and its contribution to production in the Spanish economy has increased rapidly. Per capita income is above the European average and Mallorca has a growth pattern very similar to that of the more established economies.

  • Tourism and leisure cluster.

The Balearic Islands is the second largest tourist center in Spain and welcomes more than ten million foreign tourists a year. The historical, architectural and cultural heritage makes Mallorca a first-class tourist center for culture and gives it a special personality and charm.

  • Institutional stability and legislative framework.

Within the framework of the European Union, legal and fiscal stability encourages economic activity and positions Mallorca as the perfect place for business development.

  • Entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

It is the region of Spain with the highest number of companies per thousand inhabitants. Mallorca is home to internationally famous fashion and design companies with high-quality products, innovative technologies and an eco-friendly approach.

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