How to sell a property in Mallorca?

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How to sell a property in Mallorca?

The sale consists of a Personalized Advice process carried out by the Real Estate Agent to help the client find a solution according to their needs. “The Sale does not consist only of Selling”, it consists of helping the client to detect the needs and basic motivations of the purchase-sale, in order to help understand the product or service and what it can do for them, is to allow them to they sell themselves.

The decision to sell a property is a matter of mutual trust on both sides. Therefore it is important to put this decision in the hands of an experienced real estate agent who will accompany you optimally to obtain the best result. In our company, discretion and competence are preconditions to perfectly carry out this demanding task. Each property has a unique value and deserves our full consideration. With special professionalism and guarantee we will find the right buyer for you.

We put YOUR PROPERTY in the CENTER of our ATTENTION throughout the entire process of SALEto find its new owner QUICKLY.

We provide:

  • A proper property valuation
  • Preparation of a strategic marketing plan for each property in order to expedite its sale with the best conditions.
  • We reorganize, decorate and make minor repairs to your home at no cost to the seller. Our team of decorators will highlight the best positive points of your property in order to expedite its sale.
  • Preparation of advertising texts, professional photos, exhibition, plans
  • Publication in newspapers and specialized trade magazines, publication in all the most relevant real estate portals and online media.
  • Presentation of the properties to our client portfolio
  • Arrangement of appointments with potential interested parties
  • Confirmation of all visits and protection of the identity of clients
  • Management of all sales negotiations
  • Verification of the financial solvency of the person concerned
  • Coordination of administrative procedures
  • Legal and tax advice by our technical department

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